Out of the Mouths of Babes

Earlier Cody went to get me a blizzard (I'm such a spoiled shit, but that's a blog for another time), but he only got one because he thought E would be asleep by the time he got home.
Well, when he walked in E automatically thought the ice cream was for him. He pouted and whined the whole time I ate it, even going so far as to tell me that it was for boys because there was a picture of a guy on the cup.
I was a nice mommy, though, and saved him a few bites at the end. (I also kept offering him bites while I was eating) when he was done he handed me the cup, and I started whining that he ate my ice cream just to mess with him. You know what that turd said to me..."What?? I was hungry!!"
Where does he come up with this stuff??? He's way too smart for a 3 yr old.

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