Sorry For the Absence...

Things have been pretty hectic the last week. I was wanting to try to blog everyday but last week was the first week Ethan has been home all day long because we pulled him out of daycare. That took some getting used to. We're still working on it.
In other news, Aubrey is trying to crawl!! I say this with a smile and a tear. Ya see, when E was a baby and he would make developmental progress ahead of the curve I was ecstatic because my baby was a genius. But that also meant that he didn't stay baby-ish very long.
This time around I would like to take things as slow as possible, but Aubrey seems to have other plans.
We've also upgraded her to her bouncy activity seat thingy because she got so big that if she moved a lot her swing wouldn't be able to keep swinging. She was already 15 lbs at her 4 month check up last Friday!
Any ideas on how I can keep them from growing up faster than I want them to???
*** I'm writing these from my phone because we don't have internet at our house. Hopefully I will soon figure out how to include pictures.


Varicose Veins

I was watching a commercial about a new varicose vein procedure and the other day The Doctors did a segment about them, too. After hearing what they do, I just don't get it.
They are basically closing off the vein so that no more blood flows through and it can't be seen under the skin. This doesn't sound good to me. I think they are unsightly as all get out and I don't want to have them anymore than anyone else does...but hello! They are CLOSING OFF A VEIN. Am I the only one that thinks doing that would have all kinds of repercussions?? Go ahead, say it out loud to yourself and see if it sounds weird.
I mean, you're closing off a vein. Aren't they there for a reason? Does it affect the bloodflow back to your heart in any way? Just sounds scary to me.
What do you think???


Hi! Welcome to my blog.

So, I've read a lot of blogs, but I'm new to writing a blog. I figured I would give it a try though, because sometimes things happen that are just too long to post on FB. Damn 400 character limit, if it weren't for that I sure would be subjecting my poor friends to my long-winded stories.
A little about me: right now I stay at home with Aubrey and Ethan when I'm not in class. I'm looking for a job, so keep yoir fingers crossed for me. Ethan is 3 going on 13. He has so much attitude but he's so funny about it that I crack up all the time. The kid is WAY smarter than me but I'll never tell him that. Aubrey is growing like a weed. She has been rolling over for several weeks now and scoots all over the place. We anticipate her to start crawling anytime now.
I say that with pride, but it makes us sad at the same time because she's not staying our little baby long enough for us.
Anyhoo, there's a tidbit about me. I'm sure you'll learn plenty as I post more on here. Happy reading!!!