Hi! Welcome to my blog.

So, I've read a lot of blogs, but I'm new to writing a blog. I figured I would give it a try though, because sometimes things happen that are just too long to post on FB. Damn 400 character limit, if it weren't for that I sure would be subjecting my poor friends to my long-winded stories.
A little about me: right now I stay at home with Aubrey and Ethan when I'm not in class. I'm looking for a job, so keep yoir fingers crossed for me. Ethan is 3 going on 13. He has so much attitude but he's so funny about it that I crack up all the time. The kid is WAY smarter than me but I'll never tell him that. Aubrey is growing like a weed. She has been rolling over for several weeks now and scoots all over the place. We anticipate her to start crawling anytime now.
I say that with pride, but it makes us sad at the same time because she's not staying our little baby long enough for us.
Anyhoo, there's a tidbit about me. I'm sure you'll learn plenty as I post more on here. Happy reading!!!

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