You Capture-Photopgrapher's Choice

This week's You Capture is photographer's choice. My mind went wild with excitement. My husband has this really great Canon Rebel 35mm that I wanted to take a bunch of pictures with. I went to the store and got great film (I wasn't even sure if they still make film), had all of these ideas about what I was going to capture, and all of the different things I wanted to try out...Then he broke the bad news-he lent it to the art teacher at the high school where he teaches and the guy is still using it. Well, crap! So this is what I got with the point & shoot...

This kid is WAY to cool! He loves to have his picture taken. Anytime I bust out the camera, he's front and center, shouting at me to take pictures of him. Then, naturally, he wants to check himself out.

It's fall in Texas.  You know what that means...Football Fridays! This is what our Friday nights will consist of for the next 7 weeks.

And this is a sneak peek into what I did with my weekend. There is a detailed post about this little endeavor to come...

Have a great weekend and hope to see you next week!


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